Human Resources is a vast category that includes talent acquisition; performance management; training and development; compliance; and many other important functions that allow your company to run smoothly and efficiently. Our certified human resources consulting team can help you create employee handbooks, design company policies, and stay compliant with labor laws. Our technology for HR consulting services in California makes the whole employee lifecycle management process easier, from onboarding to retention. Simplifying HR saves you time and lets you get back to doing what you love—running your business.

Our HR Consulting and Administrative Services in California:

HRIS system

Our user-friendly HRIS management system helps you onboard and manage your employees, streamlining your HR process.

Compliance support

To help you stay compliant with laws and regulations, use an HR consultant in California and take advantage of our comprehensive virtual HR and training system.

HR templates & forms

We'll provide you with employee handbook and policy templates and a portfolio of HR forms.

Online training & tools

We offer a library of online training and development tools for HR Managers and employees.

Live HR consulting

Need additional help? We offer human resources consulting in California to conquer your HR challenges.

Leave & Exit Management

We help manage your leaves of absence and guide you through the termination process.


Software for the HR Lifecycle

Our technology makes the whole employee lifecycle management process easier, from onboarding to retention. Simplify your workflow and easily manage HR, payroll, time, and benefits—all in one place and with one employee record. Highly configurable reporting features give you a clear snapshot of your workforce and deliver business insights that aid in decision-making.



When taken advantage of, paid time off (PTO) can bring employees back into the workplace with renewed energy and productivity. A well-drafted PTO policy can show your commitment to employee wellness and help keep your workforce happy. Downloading this toolkit will give an overview of the different types of PTO, marketplace trends, best practices and much more.