Your Employee Lifecycle

HCM solutions are services and tools aimed at improving a core set of business competencies that are related to managing human resources. They integrate business functions and automate procedures so your personnel can work smarter, not harder. Beginning with the hiring process and continuing with training and retention, we help with all your human capital management needs. Our HCM services in California include payroll, employee communications, onboarding, benefits administration, insurance, applicant tracking, and time tracking.

The benefit of outsourcing your HCM solutions — particularly to a one-stop shop such as Combined — is that you free up your employees to be more efficient and productive. When HR and payroll are managed, it becomes easier to get other important business done. Rather than getting bogged down by an endless series of tasks, your employees can utilize technology to handle everything from simplifying the benefits process to managing risk with customized commercial insurance packages. This leads to a more effective, not to mention healthier, business environment.

When you’re looking for the best and most reliable HCM capital management solutions in California, Combined is the answer. Here are a few of the distinguishing features that set us apart: We understand California compliance regulations better than other companies, and we offer personalized attention, with agents attending on-site meetings. We provide a one-stop shop for HR consulting, employee benefits, and commercial insurance, so you can come to us for all your HMC needs. We also are able to tailor our services to the needs of small and medium local businesses.

When you work with Combined, you can expect a positive relationship with our team and an individualized, custom approach to your HCM solutions. Let us use the power of people and technology to transform your company into a stronger, healthier organization!


Employee Benefits

We'll help you design a custom benefits plan that makes your employees feel valued and uses leading-edge technology to simplify your benefits process.

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HCM & Payroll Technology

Our cloud-based HCM software helps you collect, manage, and process payroll; time and attendance; benefits; and HR data.

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Human Resources

Our human capital management services in California will streamline your HR processes, so you can focus on running your organization. We offer seamless solutions for company policies, compliance, and HR management.

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Commercial Insurance

Our customized commercial insurance packages are tailored for your company's key areas of concern, to manage risk and make sure you're protected.

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